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The Centre offers diagnostic and treatment services for patients' with various sleep-related medical disorders.

Dr Ivone Martins Ferreira
MD., M.Sc., Ph. D, FRCPC
Dr. Harvey Moldofsky

Specialties: breathing related sleep disorders, sleep disorders, respiratory diseases specially obstructive airways disease , nutritional aspects of chronic diseases (COPD) and association of sleep disorders and obstructive airways.

Growing up in Brazil, Dr Ferreira dreamed of being a doctor and followed her passion for Medicine by training in Sao Paulo. After completing her medical degree and post graduate training in Respirology, her passion for further research remained where she then completed an exclusive joint MSc and PhD at the Federal University of Sao Paulo in the use of anabolic steroids in malnourished patients with Chronic Obstructive disease (COPD). In 1997, Dr Ferreira’s work was recognized and she was offered a fellowship at University of Toronto. She trained at West Park Hospital and later on at Toronto western Hospital, at the Asthma Center when completing her post doctorate in Toronto, her attention turned to Sleep disorders. Alongside seeing patients, Dr. Ferreira is associated with the Asthma Centre and is an assistant Professor of Medicine at McMaster University. She is an avid presenter at the American Thoracic Society, and is on the task force for Nutrition in COPD for the European Respiratory Society. Dr. Ferreira’s research and clinical work is indicative of her passion towards helping her patients and providing treatment which benefits each individual as a whole.

Languages: services in English and Portuguese

Dr Celeste Thirlwell

Specialities: Sleep Medicine, Neuroscience, neurosurgery, psychiatry

Dr. Harvey Moldofsky

Dr CELESTE Thirlwell, MD, FRCPC is a sleep medicine specialist, who has trained in neuroscience, neurosurgery, and psychiatry. She is Director of the Sleep/Wake Health Maintenance Programat the Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology & Sleep Disorders Clinics. She is also a yoga teacher. Inquiries into the nature of consciousness have been her lifelong passion. From her studies in western neuroscience and medicine and eastern philosophy, she has come to the conclusion that restorative sleep is the cornerstone of good health. By helping people to balance their sleep/wake cycle and attention to chronobiology, people are able to maintain good health and prevent illnesses. Through her education groups on sleep/wake hygiene, mindfulness for stress and chronic pain, cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety and depression, yoga for fibromyalgia, and interpersonal therapy; she helps patients to become their own “sleep/wake coach.” She has worked to integrate mind/body medicine with her patients lived experiences to help them find health and wholeness in their lives. Her current areas of interest are sleep/wake health in: students, the elderly, menopausal women, and in patients with chronic pain, depression, and anxiety and PTSD. By helping people to balance their sleep/wake cycle, she helps them to rediscover the wholeness of their beings, thus harmonizing mind, body, and life.

Healing comes from the word “whole.”
We are whole but have lost sight of it.
We have lost sight of our connection to our heart
Through the heart, we reconnect to the whole of our being.
Listening to the heart is the art of healing,
The art of living

~ Dr. Celeste

Dr Harvey Moldofsky,
M.D., Dip. Psychiatry, FRCPC, FAPA

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Dr. Harvey Moldofsky

A native of Toronto, Canada, Dr. Harvey Moldofsky was formerly Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine and now is Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Medicine and Member Emeritus, Institute of Medical Science, School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto. From 1993-2000 he served as the founding Director of the University of Toronto Center for Sleep and Chronobiology. In addition to serving in various administrative positions at the university, university-affiliated hospitals and institutions, national and international scientific organizations, and professional organizations, he served from 1998-2003 as a medical assessor for the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal of Ontario.
Currently he is the President and Medical Director of the Sleep Disorders Clinic of the Center for Sleep and Chronobiology in downtown Toronto, the Wilson Sleep Disorders Clinic, and President of the Toronto Psychiatric Research Foundation. He is an honorary member of the University Health Network Department of Psychiatry, and is a consultant to several Toronto hospitals, to national and international government agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry. At the request of the legal profession and the insurance industry he provides independent medical assessments.
Harvey Moldofsky earned his M.D. from the University of Toronto in 1959, was engaged in postgraduate training in Vancouver, Toronto, London and San Francisco. He is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.
Throughout much of his career together with his colleagues and students, he has been studying sleep physiology and biological rhythms. His interests have included sleep/wake-related immune, cytokine and neuroendocrine functions in various conditions including long-term space flight. Early research studies were devoted to eating disorders, Tourette's Syndrome, and rheumatic disease.
For more than 30 years he has studied the cause and treatment of illnesses characterized by chronic musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and nonrestorative sleep, which became known as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Current interest is in the long term adverse effects of SARS. His research on these topics, various aspects of primary sleep disorders [e.g., narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea, sleep violence, advance sleep phase syndrome], sleep - related medical and psychiatric disorders and their treatments are documented in approximately 118 peer-reviewed scientific publications, 62 book chapters and monographs, and in 184 abstracts that have been presented at international scientific meetings.
He has received many local, national and international awards and honors, including the regional award of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada for his long-standing contributions as a medical educator. In honour of his contributions, in 1989 his friends and associates established The Dr. Harvey Moldofsky Scholarship for Psychiatric/Neuroscience Research, which is awarded annually to a medical student of the University of Toronto.

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